Human Imprints: Intersecting Nature's Grandeur

As I present "Human Imprints," my intention is to take you on a visual journey that transcends mere landscape photography, venturing into the realm where human influence and the majesty of nature intertwine.

In this body of work, I've selected environments of undeniable beauty, from the imposing grandiosity of the Grand Teton and Grand Canyon National Parks to the lush tranquility of the Apache-Sitgreaves and Pima-Salt River in the Tonto National Forest, and the serene familiarity of a suburban park. Each landscape stands as a testament to nature's splendor, yet these scenes gain new depth through the imprints of human interaction woven into their tapestry.

What you'll see in these images are narratives crafted by human behavior within the natural environment as much as by the contours of the earth itself. The shot captures the dialogue between man and nature—a story told through the subtle tracings of a hiker's trail in the forest, the communal paths etched into green parklands, and the lone figures that punctuate the vast canvas of our national parks.

"Human Imprints" is my invitation to consider our collective narrative within the environment, to explore the shared ground where human existence and nature's artistry coalesce. With a perspective shaped by years of psychological study, I seek to reveal the complex and compelling layers of our interaction with the earth. I encourage a contemplation of how we, as humans, engage with, alter, and appreciate the landscapes that both surround and define us.