Out: Exploring the Emotional Landscape of Teenage Sexuality

"Out: Exploring the Emotional Landscape of Teenage Sexuality" is a profound visual anthology by an artist deeply rooted in psychology and documentary photography. With a focus on the LGBTQIA+ community, this lyrical documentary portraiture series delves into the heart of adolescent self-discovery, capturing the raw and vulnerable moments of youth grappling with their sexual identities. Each image is a narrative, a silent story eloquently told through the interplay of light and emotion, crafted by an artist with two decades of experience in listening and understanding the complex emotional worlds of teenagers. This project extends an invitation to all viewers to engage with the narratives of acceptance and to foster empathy for the diverse experiences of our youth, aiming to shift societal perceptions and create a space of inclusivity and support.



"Urbanization" captures the dramatic evolution of Phoenix from its agrarian roots to a burgeoning metropolis. This digital diptych series juxtaposes the traditional rural life against the relentless march of industrial and residential development, providing a stark visual narrative of progress and loss.


Subtleties of Strength: An Equestrian Tapestry

Delve into the serene and tactile world of equestrian sport where each photograph is a quiet ode to the discipline and elegance inherent in the details. "Subtleties of Strength: An Equestrian Tapestry" presents a photographic journey that transcends the conventional portrayal of horse and rider, focusing instead on the profound beauty found in the sport's understated aspects. This black and white series offers a contemplative view of the textures, forms, and equipment that, while often overlooked, are essential to the equestrian narrative.

Human Imprints_1.jpg

"Human Imprints: A Symbiosis of Nature and Culture"

"Human Imprints: A Symbiosis of Nature and Culture" is a photographic exploration into the profound relationship between human activity and natural landscapes. This series captures the nuanced interaction of people within diverse environments, from the sweeping vistas of national parks to the gentle hum of suburban life. Witness the delicate balance of human imprints on nature's canvas, where every image is a narrative of coexistence, inviting reflection on our role within the Earth's magnificent tapestry.